Les Honshu Wolves et moi

Founded in 2007 by front singer Mary-Anne She-Wolf and Aim 'ere (that's me, Emir). Later Mige joined.

Between Mississippi John Hurt and Spacemen 3 ... a rhythm quitar and a slide guitar, full of reverb, fuzz, delay and heat, a 60's drum sound ... a howlin' woman blues voice.

Played different clubs and festivals, most of them underground. It was fun. !! ->PHOTO ALBUM<- !!

First album recorded and artwork by Markus from legendary swiss band Roy & the Devil's Mortorcycle. Silk-screen printed & very limited. Released by the label Moi j'connais (run by Cyril and Robin from also legendary swiss cajun band Mama Rosín).

Ma contribution sur l'album shine on me

Single also recorded by Markus. And released by moi j'connais. Silk-printed artwork.

Ma contribution sur l'album shine on me

Second album recorded by Gabriele from again legendary swiss band Disco Doom. Released by new underground label Sacred Hood Records. Again silk-printed and limited.

Ma contribution sur l'album shine on me

After the recordings of the second album, I left the band (may 2013). New paths of activity and creativity were waiting for me. Now I'm participating in a 太鼓 group, I spin that black gold as DJ at parties, I try out Ableton, Pure Data, I develop a new instrument. And the Honshu Wolves found a new guitarist, Fabian.

At the release party of the second Honshu Wolves album I was the DJ of the night. And I stood again back on stage with the others for one song. A year later. It was fun.

Keep going on, The Honshu Woves! Good vibes!

Photo album Les Honshu Wolves et moi
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